Marketing Authorisation in MENA Region

For companies that wish to authorise their products into this lucrative market with a big potential of demand for generics especially those that are manufactured in UK/EU, this consultancy firm is in excellent position to assist in achieving this goal.

In taking the advantage of the experience previously gained in the regional pharmaceutical industry and build-up of a good relationship with regulatory authorities and marketing companies including wholesalers, possibly facilitated by the language the following services can be provided:

  • Reviewing the technical dossier with recommendation of amendments required to ensure compliance with the current regional regulatory & technical standards applied.
  • Liaising with one of the well-known consultancy firms in the area with great knowledge and deep experience in licensing medicinal products in the area. The role of the regional consultant with whom this firm has signed an exclusive agreement is to assist in the submission and follow-up of the application to ensure progress and conclusion in timely manner.
  • Liaising with the local marketing and wholesaler’s companies which are well known in the area possibly facilitated by language in assisting reaching common understandings for future cooperation.